Sales culture is an essential element to your company's health.

As a leader, you therefore have to make it one of your main concerns, because the stronger your company's sales culture is, the more all employees (and not just the sales department) will want to contribute directly or indirectly in the organization's business development.  


Building a sales culture takes time and planning. Here are a few examples of actions you can undertake as a leader to accelerate the transformation of your sales culture.


  1. Evaluate the Sales Culture Maturity Index for your entire company. Identify the zones of weakness, and implement an action plan.
  2. Include contribution to business development in your performance assessment criteria.
  3. Verify if each employee understands your company's mission, vision and objectives.
  4. Ensure that the majority of your employees have a good understanding of your products and services as well as your target markets.
  5. Occasionally invite your sales reps to present what they do and how they do it to the other departments.
  6. Ensure that the sales and marketing teams work together, and that marketing generates leads for the sales reps.
  7. Encourage employees from other departments to become involved in the sales process by participating in research, brainstorming sessions, etc.
  8. Invite employees from all departments to participate in networking events with the sales reps.
  9. If it is pertinent, ensure that the majority of your employees are also customers who buy and consume your products and services.

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